Key Features of ToSee's PTZ Camera Systems

Cutting-Edge Technology

1. Cutting-Edge Technology

With sophisticated features like auto tracking, 30x zoom, and LED night lighting for full-color night vision, our PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras provide excellent night vision. These cameras have a wide field of vision, catching every movement, day or night, with a viewing angle of 95°–108°.

2. Mobile App for Remote Viewing and Control

Stay connected on the go with our intuitive mobile app. With the ability to remotely monitor, watch, and operate your PTZ camera, you can carry the power of surveillance in your palm. With a specialized mobile app for remote viewing and camera control, ToSee Security puts you in charge. From the comfort of your mobile device, keep an eye on your site, go through records, and interact with people there. Even when a trader is far away, the app guarantees effective communication and smooth self-monitoring.

3. Auto Recording on Movement

Security shouldn't be a manual effort. Benefit from automated recording prompted by PIR motion detection. Every action made on your website is recorded, guaranteeing proactive monitoring.

4. Color Night Vision with LED Lights

With LED night lights that offer full-color night vision, ToSee elevates night surveillance to new heights. Make sure your construction site is safe and visible even at night.

5. Auto Tracking for Enhanced Security

Security shouldn't be a manual effort. Benefit from automated recording prompted by PIR motion detection. Every action made on your website is recorded, guaranteeing proactive monitoring.

Auto Recording on Movement
era for Construction Sites

6. Built-in Mic and Speaker

Use the integrated speaker and microphone to make it easier to communicate with staff who are on the scene. By permitting remote contact with traders and possible invaders, you may improve security.

7. Durable and Weatherproof

ToSee's PTZ cameras are weather-resistant, with an IP66 waterproof designation. Our inbuilt infrared lights provide vision as far as eighty meters, so they work great in all weather.

8. Internal 128GB SD Memory Card

Forget about frequent data transfers. Every camera has a strong internal memory system that offers lots of space for stored video.

9. Long-Term Hire Option

With our long-term hire option, which is available for a minimum of 6 months, you may enjoy flexibility. Protect your construction site without committing to a long-term installation.

10. Telstra 4G SIM Card and 1300 Number

Seamless connectivity is our priority. Our cameras come with a Telstra 4G SIM card, providing consistent connectivity. Do you require help? Contact us at our dedicated 1300 hotline at any time.

era for Construction Sites

Who Can Benefit from ToSee's PTZ Camera Systems?

Our PTZ camera systems cater to a diverse range of industries and purposes:

  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Owner Builders
  • Estates Orchards and Farms
  • Remote Properties

Why Choose ToSee Security?

era for Construction Sites

1. Comprehensive Coverage

Blind spots are eliminated with ToSee's PTZ cameras , which offer thorough coverage of your construction site.

2. Remote Monitoring and Control

Anytime, anyplace, you can control the security of your website. You have the utmost freedom with our remote control tools and mobile app.

3. Enhanced Night Vision

Our PTZ cameras stand out because of their LED night lighting and color night vision, which provide excellent visibility at night.

4. Proactive Security Measures

ToSee's PTZ cameras provide a proactive defense against security threats thanks to its auto-tracking, motion detection, and integrated alarm systems.

Robust and Durable Design

Our cameras are built to withstand the harshest conditions. These IP66 waterproof cameras are perfect for builders, developers, estates, orchards, farms, and distant locations since they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Hassle-Free Installation

ToSee Security provides a comprehensive package, including the camera, pole, app, battery, solar panels, SIM card, SD card, signage, and professional installation. Enough storage is provided by the built-in 128GB SD memory card to capture activity on your website.

era for Construction Sites
era for Construction Sites

Tailored Solutions for Every Project

ToSee Security caters to a diverse range of home builders in Perth, offering tailored PTZ camera installations for vacant lots, individual residences, and multi-unit developments. We have cameras installed from Lancelin to Margaret River, so your project will have plenty of coverage.

Our Projects

ToSee has successfully supplied and installed PTZ camera systems for a diverse range of home builders in Perth. Our installations stretch across numerous demands, including vacant lots, individual dwellings, and multi-unit projects. Our cameras have demonstrated their usefulness in protecting building sites from Lancelin to Margaret River.

Get in Touch for Unmatched Security Solutions

Ready to enhance your building site's security? Get in touch with ToSee right now to schedule a consultation and see how our PTZ camera systems can offer the best security, deterrent, and comfort available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The PTZ camera tracks and captures every action on your construction site thanks to the auto-tracking technology, which improves security overall.

Yes, you may watch and operate your PTZ camera system remotely with our mobile app, giving you access to it from anywhere at any time.

Of course! Our PTZ cameras provide increased protection and surveillance capabilities when conventional security measures would not be sufficient, making them ideal for isolated locations. Our cameras are capable of providing dependable surveillance even in remote locations with features like color night vision and 80m infrared lighting.

The efficacy of surveillance is increased overall because LED night lights and color night vision provide crisp, comprehensive film during the night.

ToSee provides a minimum hiring length of 6 months, allowing flexibility for temporary security solutions.

Yes, our PTZ camera systems are scalable and capable of monitoring multiple sites simultaneously. Regardless of the number of building projects or locations you have, our solution enables you to centralize monitoring via the mobile app, offering thorough supervision from a solitary platform.