ToSee Security Building Site CCTV Cameras Peace of Mind

Our powerful PTZ camera systems offer a comprehensive solution for building site peace of mind and efficiency

  • Deter theft, vandalism, and illegal dumping.
  • Minimise site visits and supervisor travel.
  • Facilitate remote communication and workflow management.
  • Document deliveries and ensure material accountability.
  • Monitor worker activity and compliance with safety regulations.

24 Hour video surveillance protecting your site.

Distinguishing itself from alternative systems, ToSee provides a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera featuring LEDs for comprehensive color night vision.

Effective site surveillance plays a vital role in preventing theft, illegal dumping, and vandalism. It minimizes travel for supervisors, facilitates remote communication with trades, records activities to ensure compliance with OH&S workplace practices, captures material deliveries, and enables monitoring of trades on a time basis.

Each camera is equipped with a mobile app for self-monitoring, viewing, and on-site communication. Automatic tracking and recording of all movements, day and night, are inherent features.

Exclusively available for temporary hire.

Perfect for

  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Owner Builders
  • Estates
  • Orchards and Farms
  • Remote Properties

Building Site Security Cameras- How Our System Works

Our System

  • PTZ Camera (Pan 355° Tilt 90° Zoom 30x)
  • Mobile App for remote viewing and control
  • Auto recording on movement
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • LED Night Lights
  • Colour Night Vision
  • 30x Zooming
  • Auto Tracking
  • Built in Mic
  • Viewing Angle of 95° – 108°
  • Built in Speaker
  • LED lights (night-time only)
  • IR light (up to 80m)
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Built in alarm
  • Internal 128gb SD memory card
  • Min 6 month hire
  • Telstra 4g Sim card
  • 1300 number
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Security Surveillance Cameras Hardware

The very core aspect of our security surveillance cameras system is the PTZ camera. Packed with innovative features, it serves as the silent guard overlooking your precious property.

  • Panoramic vision- With a 355° horizontal rotation and 90° tilt, the camera leaves no blind spots. Scan the entire site, zoom in on specific areas, and follow suspicious activity – all from the comfort of your couch.
  • Crystal clear eyesight-No more grainy footage! Our 30x optical zoom lets you see details with razor-sharp clarity, whether it is a license plate number from afar or a close-up of potential intruders.
  • Weatherproof- Rain or shine, our IP66 weatherproof camera and equipment can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Have peace of mind even in the harshest conditions.
  • Night vision ability- Darkness is no match for our high-powered LEDs and colour night vision. Even in the night, you will have a clear picture of everything happening on your site.
  • Steady vigilance-PIR motion detection and automatic recording trigger instant alerts and capture footage of any suspicious movement. No sneaky intruder or unwelcome visitor will go unnoticed.
  • Built-in alarm- Let potential trespassers know they are being watched before they even get close. The integrated alarm can be triggered remotely or automatically upon detection, deterring unwanted activity.

The Brains- The Back End Of Our Building Site Surveillance Camera System

The camera is just the tip of the iceberg. Our system features a strong back-end that keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Mobile app command centre- Download our user-friendly mobile app and become an expert for your security domain. View live footage, receive alerts, adjust camera angles, and even communicate with workers on-site via the built-in speaker and microphone- all from your smartphone.
  • Automatic lookout- Auto-tracking technology keeps tabs on movement automatically, panning and zooming to follow suspicious activity or capture crucial details. You can relax knowing your camera is always on the lookout.
  • Memory vault- With a built-in 128GB SD card, the system automatically records all suspicious activity and stores it securely for later review. Never miss a beat, even if you are not watching live.

Simple Setup, Lasting Protection

No complex installations and complicated tech setups! Our systems are designed for ease of use, even for those with no tech expertise. Our pre-assembled cameras come mounted on sturdy poles, making installation very convenient. No need for expensive scaffolding or electrical work.

You can choose the solar panel option and enjoy the benefits of sustainable security. The sun powers the camera, eliminating the need for messy wires or frequent battery changes. We also provide a Telstra 4G SIM card with a dedicated 1300 number for clear, reliable communication and remote access. Stay connected to your site wherever you are.

Flexible Rental Solutions for Your Needs

At ToSee Security, we offer flexible rental options to fit your budget and timeline. Our minimum rental period is six months, so you can ensure your site remains protected throughout vital construction phases. However, we cater to longer projects as well, with customised quotes available for extended rentals.

Weekly rates start at less than $50 as we want to have our advanced technology within reach of property owners and builders of all sizes. Our cost-effective solution eliminates the need for expensive upfront investments in permanent security systems, making our site security cameras systems ideal for short-term or temporary building projects.

We provide transparent terms and conditions to outline your responsibilities and ours so you can be confident that there are no hidden surprises. We take care of all installation, maintenance, and equipment updates so you can focus on the more important aspects- protection of your assets and completing your project successfully.

Our Projects

We supply cameras to a diverse range of home builders in Perth, catering to diverse needs, including vacant lots, individual residences, and multi-unit developments.

Our camera installations span from Lancelin to Margaret River.

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